Servizio di Taxi da Cagliari a tutte le destinazioni della Sardegna

Santa Margherita

Are you looking for a Taxi or a Transfer service from the Airport or from the city of Cagliari to Pula?

Thanks to our new generation cars fleet you will be able to take your trip dipped in a total comfort and reach your destination still full of energy and without the useless stresses that you would have to face if you travel on old vehicles. The journey is quite short in fact, the Santa Margherita di Pula town is about 37 kilometers from the city of Cagliari, for a total of about40 minutes of travel time.

Another advantage of the service provided by is to be able to book your Taxi in many ways, by phone or via mail, using the indicated contacts at the bottom of the page or by directly writing us from the Contact page that you can find by clicking HERE. Pula is near the ancient city of Nora,established according to the legend by the Iberians conducted in Sardinia by Norace. Nora was built by the phoencians around the VII century b.C. probably on preexisting settlements of the nuragic civilization of what still remains some witnesses. In the next centuries it passed  before to the punics and then to the romans who raised it for a short time to the capital of the Sardinia and Corsica  provence and then after to give the position to the nearby Caralis (today Cagliari). After the end of the Roman Empire as like many other ancient coastal cities of Sardinia,because of the Saracen raids, the city of Nora ceased to exist from starting around the VII century a.d.